Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office strives to provide efficient and effective support to the University management in terms of administration, planning and managing to achieve the highest quality in terms of management and administration.

In creating a management and support team that are united, ethical, cooperative, and are able to work cohesively towards a common goal, it is important to foster teamwork and camaraderie as part of the working environment and culture in UM. Of equal importance is the planning of a comprehensive human resource management, by means of on-going training and appropriate exposure in the management, administrative, academics and latest technology.

The Registrar's Office aims to produce world-class leaders, administrators and managers that are competent, innovative, effective and are able to put significant emphasis on the quality of work they produce while following the standards, systems and procedures that has been set.

Head of the Department

Dr. Susheela Nair

Tel: +603-7967 3204 / +603-7956 7561
Fax: +603-7956 4004

Contact Us
  • Registrar's Office
  • Level 7, Chancellory Building
    University of Malaya
    50603 Kuala Lumpur

  • Madam Siti Salwa Md Padzil
  • Senior Principal Assistant Registrar

  • Tel: +603-7967 3254
  • Email:

  • Haniza Hamzah
  • Office Secretary
  • Tel: +603-7967 3204
  • Email:

Human Resource Division

The Human Resource Division oversees employee recruitment as well as occupational development for current staff, helping the University provide services of the highest quality & efficiency.

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The Administration & Governance Division

The Registrar's Administration Division provides support services for the University in the form of office supplies and communication services.

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Security Office

Responsible for the safety and security of the University staff, students, premises as well as the various high-tech machinery and cutting edge research work on University grounds.

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Radiation Protection Services Unit (UPPS)

Last Update: May 30, 2019