Scholarship & Financial Assistance

Scholarships & Loans Unit

The Scholarships & Loans Unit administers issues regarding the welfare and finances of students in obtaining loans/scholarships or other assistance so that students are able to continue their studies despite economic burdens. The unit also aids students in dealing with documents regarding loans/sponsorships or aid in ensuring the process in completing related dealings is carried out with more ease and completeness.

In emergency issues and in seeking to lighten the burden carried by students as best as possible, the unit administers students' welfares. The Scholarships & Loans Unit is responsible for managing financial dealings that cover scholarships, loans, financial aid and student welfare and is offered by government, private, statutory body agencies to all current fulltime students of the University.

One of the government’s most issued loans is the PTPTN loan, which allows Malaysian students from all walks of life to fund their education.

PTPTN Loan Requirements

According to the Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) education loan scheme, all students who qualify to be considered for PTPTN education loan must satisfy the following:

  • Malaysian citizenship;
  • Pass the Malaysian Education Certificate (SPM) with at least three (3) credits;
  • Applicants must have registered and is a fulltime student in his/her Diploma or Degree Program;
  • No other sponsor received;
  • If an applicant has previously obtained a PTPTN loan but failed or terminated his/her studies, the applicant can only proceed with his/her second application when he/she has fully settled his/her previous debt.
  • The government agency also provides financial aid such as scholarships via JPA, KPM and also the State Government.

Major Student Financial Aid Sponsor (Scholarship / Student’s Finances)
No. of Students Type of Sponsor
PTPTN 12,623 Loan
JPA 2,408 Scholarship
KPM 2,032 Scholarship
State Government 188 Loan/Variable Loan
State Foundation 56 Loan/Variable Loan
Petronas 309 Variable Loan
Tun Tan Cheng Lock 70 Scholarship
FELDA Foundation 21 Scholarship
Telekom Malaysia Foundation 79 Scholarship
Kuok Foundation 153 Scholarship
TOTAL 17,939
Student Affairs & Alumni

Additionally, UM's Student Affairs & Alumni Department also provides aid via trust funds such as the University Malaya Education Loan Trust Fund, the BAKTI Trust Fund, the Daruzzakah Trust Fund.

Scholarship Awards & Subsidies

The University provides a limited number of awards under several schemes such as Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leader Fellowship Fund, the Fellowship Scheme, the Scholarship Scheme, the Tuanku Pro-Chancellor Scholarship, the Za'aba Research Scholarship, the Postgraduate Loan Fund as well as Fee Subsidies and Exemptions.

Contact Information

Student Scholarships / Loans & Insurance, Students' Affairs and Alumni Unit
Level 2, Block E, Kompleks Perdanasiswa, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Mr. Muhammad Faiz Yusoff, Administrative Officer
Tel: +603-7967 3410 / 3497    |    Fax: +603-7956 7595

Last Update: November 26, 2017