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The Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR) is a centre of research excellence at the University of Malaya whose mission is to “create a platform for world class research, development, applications and training with outputs and products that interface between the fundamental and applied sciences.” In addition to its focus on research, a major objective of CEBAR is also to strengthen, promote and synergize links with industry with a vision to bridge academic research and industry needs.

The Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture is both a physical and virtual centre which synergizes the considerable existing capacity and resources within the University of Malaya targeting niche areas such as phytopharming, agriculture waste bioremediation, molecular breeding and selection and molecular diagnostics of plant and animal diseases.

The virtual structure of the centre promotes and epitomizes the borderless transfer and exchange of information and resources between members and partners and local and global stakeholders of CEBAR. Physically the core laboratories of CEBAR are located within the main campus of the University, a 750-acre (309-hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur , the capital city of Malaysia .In 2005 University Malaya celebrates its 100th anniversary. (

Organization Structure

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Mission & Vision

To Provide a Platform for World Class Research, Development, Applications and Training with Outputs and Products that Interface between the Fundamental and Applied Sciences for Global Needs in Agriculture

To be at the Forefront in Generating and Disseminating Scientific Ideas and knowledge in Biotechnology Research Relevant to support a Sustainable Agriculture Bioeconomy


At its inception CEBAR received infrastructure funds for the building of the first accredited University plant containment facility, the Plant Biotech Facility (PBF) which was launched on December 1st 2009 to enable UM to remain at the forefront of transgenic and biosafety research and training. CEBAR laboratories are well-equipped with instruments such as quantitative Real Time PCR, Genetic Analyzer and a Gel Documentation System that are made available to facilitate research for its members and associate partners.

Awards & Recognitions
Being a research centre, CEBAR is proud of its members’ research outputs and achievements. The research programs conducted are well recognized in both local and international arenas. CEBAR members have recently won awards in exhibitions including :

  • UMExpo
  • ITEX
  • BioMalaysia
  • MAHA
Seminars & Workshops

CEBAR conducts regular seminars and workshops in the areas of :

  • CEBAR Expert Seminar Series
  • Tissue culture Workshop Series
  • Transgenic Workshop Series
  • DNA Sequencing Workshop Series
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Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture(CEBAR)
Level 3,
Research Management & Innovation Complex,
University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-7967 6990/6993
fax: 603-7976 6991


Last Update: January 10, 2018