Offers extraction, isolation and chemical structure elucidation and instrumental analysis of herbal and other natural product preparations,  and screening for anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and antioxidant activities.


  • Chemical extraction / purification / quantification:
    • Purification, isolation, characterisation and quantification of compounds from various plant / natural product extracts, employing chromatographic methods and spectroscopic techniques
    • Derivatization and detection of alkaloids and terpenoids.
    • Characterization of essential oils
    • Detection of steroids and other adulterants
    • Activity guided-extraction for natural products.
  • Phytochemistry: Fingerprint / profiling of standardised extracts for quality assurance/control of plant products.
  • Drug target screening:
    • Anti-cancer,  anti-diabetic, diabetic wound healing, hepatoprotective, gastric ulcer, anti-inflammatory effects  at the biochemical and molecular level
    • Endothelial protection
    • MicroRNA profiling, validation of miRNA and target identifying for miRNAs.
    • Antioxidants (DPPH, ORAC, Nitric Oxide)
Equipment / Facilities

Equipment / Facilities Available:

  • Cold extraction apparatus, Microwave extraction (essential oils).
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): analytical and preparative.
  • Preparative Gas Chromatography (GC-Prep).
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS).
  • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC- MS/MS) and (LC-MS/Q-TOF).
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 1D and 2D (NMR).
  • High Content Screening and Cellular Impedance (Apoptosis and localization of signalling molecules for large number of samples)
  • Flow cytometry (Apoptosis detection and cell cycle analysis)

Current projects undertaken by CENAR include the screening of anticancer agents, antibiotics against bacteria that are resistant to current medications, drugs for hypertension, diabetes, antioxidants, inflammation and treatment of drug dependence/abuse problems. Discovery of lead compounds from natural products involved multiple core activities. Such activities include plant collections and sample preparations, high throughput biological screenings, chemical structure and elucidation. Whilst most of these activities are conducted locally within the University, CENAR maintains active research collaboration with both local and foreign institutes including :

  •  Strathclyde Institute for Drug Research (SIDR), Glasgow, UK
  •  Centre National des Recherche Scientifiques (CNRS), France
  • Aga Khan University, Pakistan
  • National University of Singapore
  • MARDI (Malaysian Agriculture Research Development Institute)
  • IMR (Institute of Medical Research, Malaysia)
  • FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)
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One of our collaboration with Strathclyde Institute for Drug Research, UK.
Last Update: November 26, 2017