Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.

How to become a Research Assistant?

Please refer to the Guidelines for the Appointment of Research Assistants, Research Assistants (Graduate Students), Research Assistants (Project) and Research Assistants (for research administrations only) in University of Malaya at UMReasearch website.

When will the letter of appointment / extension be issued by IPPP?

Upon received of the complete application, letter of appointment or extension will be issued within seven (7) working days if there is no problem with the application. The letter will be sent under the RA name to the supervisor’s department address.

How to get a Research Assistant salary slip?

Please go to

To log into the salary portal, enter the salary number for the Username and Password.

When is the Research Assistant paid?

The processing of the salary/allowance each month will be closed 14 days before the date of the payment as scheduled by the Bursary of University Malaya. Please refer the payment schedule in UMResearch website.

That means only the acceptance, change salary/allowance and termination letter received before the deadline will be processed by PPGP.  After the deadline, the salary/allowance will be processed in the following month.

Each research assistant is entitled to get GRAS. What is the procedure for applying for GRAS?

GRAS is under the responsibility of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS). Please check the IPS website.  PPGP only confirms the appointment as research assistant period for each applicant.

How to get the salary number?

The salary number can be obtain from the PTj who issued the offer letter (after obtaining the first salary/allowance).  The salary number also can be checked through RA profile data.

How to request Research Assistant Extension?

The extension for the Research Assistant has to be made by the supervisor/PI through UMPortal.  The extension of the appointment can be considered based on the following criteria:

i.            Minimum extension:  4 Months for Malaysian Research Assistants

                                                6 Months for International Research Assistants

ii.           Maximum extension for both RA’s: 12 months

iii.          Application for extension is to be made TWO (2) months before the contract ends.

iv.          Performance and recommendation by the Head of Research Centre (PTj);

v.           Not exceeding budget from Vote Salary.

vi.          If the RA contract has been expired, the PI should make a new appointment by re advertising the post.

Is Research Assistant can be considered for the salary/allowance increment?

Research Assistant can be considered for salary/allowance increment at a rate not exceeding RM100.00 with condition the salary does not exceed the maximum limit.  Salary increase for the current month only can be considered and not exceeding budget from Vote Salary.

Request for Termination

The University of Malaya has the right at any time and without any reasons to terminate the service of RA through the supervisor/principal investigator (PI) by giving one (1) month notice.  Termination application through the online system must be made by the supervisor/ PI one (1) month before the date of termination or paying equivalent of one (1) month salary/allowance in lieu of such notice and subject to the supervisor/PI’s application.

RA at any time can resign or terminate this appointment on giving the University one (1) month notice through the supervisor/PI before the date of the termination or paying the University the equivalent of one (1) month salary/allowance in lieu of notice.

Time Working

RA shall observe the working hours as per the University of Malaya/Supervisor/Principal Investigator/Head of Research Centre prescribed working hours (you are required to use the e-attendance system).  The cumulative working time to be observed is 40 hours per week. Please refer to the attachment on how to register on the attendance system (e-attendance) once you get the offer letter.