Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.

Can we do virement of funds from one vote to another?

Yes, every virement application should be made to the IPPP for amount which is 20% or less than the original allocation in the vote and to MOSTI for amount which is more than 20% than the allocation in the vote. The application should be accompanied with strong justifications.

Why is there delay in the funds disbursement (2nd payment and so on)?

Funds are disbursed when the overall expenditure performance exceeds 50%. The assessment will be based on the progress report sent through e-science fund.

Can we apply for purchase of:

  • Special services or equipments
  • The researcher may apply to MOSTI through IPPP with strong justifications BUT the purchase should be made using the existing/allocated funds.

  • Laptop, personal computer, printers etc.
  • No. The researcher is considered well equipped with these equipments (provided by the University). BUT in the event of a need for a high powered computer e.g. to run and process data, the researcher may apply to purchase using the existing/allocated funds.

Can we nominate a new project leader because of certain reasons?

Yes, with reasons and strong justifications on why the current project leader is unable to lead the project. A formal letter must be sent to IPPP.

How many overseas trips (for seminars and conferences) allowed during the duration of the project?

Just one. The number of persons allowed for this overseas trip is limited to two only of which should include the Project Leader and a collaborator. The project leader or collaborator needs to send application for approval and a copy of abstract/paper that is going to be presented to MOSTI before attending the conference.