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Laboratory facilities are maintained accordingly to ensure  the best service can be offer to researcher by providing the latest technology equipment to conduct research activities.

These equipments are available for use through out the campus.

1) For Central Lab INFRA Analysis Laboratory Equipment:, please click here .

2) For High Impact Research (HIR) Laboratory Equipment , please click here  .

Central Lab INFRA Analysis Laboratory Equipments
Research Support - INFRA Facilities & Services (2)

High Impact Research Laboratory Equipments
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Contact Us:

1) For Central Lab INFRA Analysis Laboratory Equipment:
Miss Mardiana Said / Mrs. Jauhar Aisyah Junaidi
Level 3, Research Management & Innovation Unit
University of Malaya

tel: 603-7967 4619, 603-7967 7022 ext:2320
fax: 603-7967 4644

2) For High Impact Research (HIR) Laboratory Equipment:
Mr. Amirul Fatih Japri

Technical Staff Room, Level G,
High Impact Research (HIR) Building
University of Malaya

tel Tel: 7967  2577/2578
mailtoemail: fatih92@um.edu.my

Last Update: May 22, 2018