Environmental conscientiousness is the talk of the day especially since the dawn of the new millennium. This current mindset has catalyzed the growth of various new fields including the intriguing field of Ionic Liquids. Researchers in University of Malaya (UM) too have been captivated by this new technology this lead to the forming of University Malaya Centre for Ionic Liquids (UMCiL) in October 2007. UMCiL was established through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Queens University Belfast, which functions as the main advisory board for UMCiL.

UMCiL main purpose is to create a conducive environment for research activities and collaboration between researchers of various fields in the area of ionic liquids, synthesis and applications. Apart from that the centre also functions as a training and development centre for the benefit of the university and the nation. The centre aims to create a platform for collaborative inter and multi-disciplinary research involved in the area of green chemistry & sustainable technology.

UMCiL has its roots in two prominent faculties of UM, that is Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. Researchers based in Faculty of Science are involved mostly in the fundamental studies pertaining ionic liquids namely synthesis, analysis and characterization while researchers based in Faculty of Engineering are focused towards application studies.  The group of researchers of Faculty of Engineering is represented by Prof Dr Mohd Ali Hashim while Prof Dr Yatimah Alias represents Faculty of Science.

UMCiL gives importance towards high quality research outputs in the form of ISI publications, patents & technology commercialization. Up to date more than 40 ISI journals have already been published and 4 patents registered. Apart from that researchers in UMCiL constantly involve themselves with various conferences and workshop and have made oral and poster presentations as well. Researchers have been given the honour of becoming keynote speakers as well.  Every year since its establishment UMCiL has organized workshops where experienced researchers in the field of Ionic Liquid are invited as speakers. In the 2009, UMCiL organized Regional Conference of Ionic Liquid 2009 (RCIL09) which gained good support in Malaysia as well as regional countries. In the interest of creating multi-disciplinary research activities, UMCiL has collaborated with both local and international establishments such as Queens University of Belfast (QUILL), China Institute of Ionic Liquids (CHILL), Petronas University of Technology (UTP) and Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM) and MIMOS.


  • ISI Ranked Publications (>200)
  • Awards/Recognitions (Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals)
  • Patents (15 submitted; 5 granted)
  • 91 Postgraduates (PhD: 73  ; MSc/MEng: 18)


  • National (USM, UPM, UTP, LGM, UiTM, LGM, MIMOS)
  • International (Australia, Saudi Arabia, UK, London, UAE, India)
Last Update: January 05, 2018