Universiti Malaya offers some unique places for students and visitors.

Museum of Asian Art

The Museum of Asian Art (Muzium Seni Asia) is located within University of Malaya, Malaysia’s first and oldest university. The outstanding education-oriented museum is a treasure trove of local and Asia art objects.

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Symphony Orchestra

In March 2003, His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Muhibuddin Shah, the Chancellor of the University of Malaya inaugurated the University of Malaya Symphony Orchestra (UMSO), breathing life into an artistic first for higher learning institutions in Malaysia.

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Botanical Gardens

Rimba Ilmu is an 80-hectare botanic garden located within the University of Malaya, campus. The words Rimba and Ilmu are of the Malaysian language that literally means Forest of Knowledge.

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Experimental Farm

The seven hectares that make up UM’s Experimental Farm offer facilities for research by staff, post-graduate and undergraduate students in various branches of animal and plant science and a range of other biological science disciplines.

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Field Studies Centre

The University of Malaya Field Studies Centre of the Ulu Gombak Biodiversity Centre, sited on 120-hectares of secondary and primary forest is a veritable fount of biological & ecological knowledge, with the area’s fauna and flora extensively studied and documented throughout the site’s 40-year history.

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UM Living Lab

The starting point for research conducted at the Living Lab is the natural environment. The Living Lab engages in joint research with national and international scientists within a range of sustainability-related areas.We view sustainability in a holistic fashion, considering environment, humanity and economy as the three primary variables to be taken into account as we work toward a more sustainable future for Malaysia and the world.

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Museum of Zoology

The Museum of Zoology is home to a precious collection of insects (50,000 insects), 150 mammals (144 species), 600 birds (261 species), 445 reptile specimens (186 species), and 2,000 specimens (mostly freshwater species)


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Community Engagement

As a top ranking university in Malaysia, UM has made great strides in institutionalising not only excellent academic programmes but also university-community engagement projects. These community  projects must address local community needs and societal problems leveraging on technology developed through research and expertise within the campus community for possible solutions.

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Last Update: November 28, 2017