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General Rules & Guidelines

The following excerpt is taken from the Student Handbook, available from the Student Affairs & Alumni Department.

Ensure that personal appearance is at its best when attending/being in the University Administration Office, including Lecture Halls, Seminar Rooms, the Library and attending official functions.

Students must follow the Dress Etiquettes as stated below:
  •  Sleeveless T-Shirts
  •  T-Shirts with pictures or writings that are conflicting with the constitutional beliefs of Malaysia.
  •  Short pants
  •  Hair exceeding shoulder length (male students only)
  •  Provocative and indecent attire.

Students who do not abide by these restrictions can be disciplined as stated under the UM Methods (Student Behaviour) 1999. All University officers, including administration, academic, safety and library staff are responsible for reporting any breach of these rules to the Student Affairs Department (HEP)
University of Malaya. Report forms are available from the Student Affairs Department.

For the full version or more details on rules & regulations of the University, please contact the Student Affairs Department.


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