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NeTComFish: Using Nexus Thinking to Empower Community-Based Management of Fishery

The livelihoods of inshore fishermen are threatened by the loss of fisheries productivity due to mangrove destruction in Malaysia. The situation is contributed to mainly by a lack of awareness of both the value of mangrove and mangrove-based fishery resource and local knowledge for managing these. Furthermore, trust and continual engagement between government, community and other resources users is needed for promoting mangrove-based fisheries management. We will apply the nexus thinking to understand the inter-dependencies, tension and trade-off between the mangroves, their fisheries and users.

This project, which is funded by the UK-Southeast Asia Small Scale Research Partnership 2016 (NEWTON-UNGKU OMAR), aims to advance the application of nexus thinking to the sustainable management of fishery resources, set the foundation for community-based fishery management in the mangrove ecosystem and develop a program of environmental education emphasizing the importance of mangroves.

We will collect data via workshops, interviews and discussions then analyse the data with a focus on network analysis, climate & socioeconomic forecasting and ecosystem services assessment. A total of ten deliverables are expected including workshop reports, impact plan, conceptual map, journal papers and educational materials.

What is Nexus Thinking?
A new way of thinking that recognizes the interdependencies between different sectors.

We are a group of interdisciplinary researchers from University of Malaya and Plymouth Marine Laboratory with expertise in environmental governance, economics, social sciences, resource planning and marine ecosystems.

For more information regarding this project, kindly visit us at https://netcomfish.wixsite.com/netcomfish or contact:

Malaysian Principal Investigator

Dr Goh Hong Ching
Faculty of Built Environment,
University of Malaya.
Tel: +60379674368
Email: gohhc@um.edu.my

UK Principal Investigator

Dr Caroline Hattam
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Tel: +44(0)1752633100
Email: caro4@pml.ac.uk

Co- Researcher

Dr Amy Then Yee Hui
Faculty of Science
University of Malaya
Tel: +60379674368
Email: amy_then@um.edu.my


Dr Moh Heng Hing
Faculty of Science
University of Malaya
Tel: +60379674609
Email: moh_@um.edu.my

Co- Researcher

Miss Nur Fatin Nabilah Ruslan
University of Malaya
Tel: +60132618431
Email: nurfatinnabilah@um.edu.my

Co - Researcher

Miss Jennice Yap Shu Ee
University of Malaya
Tel: +60197562790
Email: jennice@um.edu.my

Last Update: April 18, 2019
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