Counselling provides learning opportunities for fellow students in decision making, improving personal skills, confidence building, overcoming obstacles to the best of their abilities and in attaining awareness towards personal needs and growth, and the needs of others.

During counselling interaction, students are aided to explore and express their feelings, reflect on their behaviour, attain self understanding and to choose the direction that will lead to positive self change. Besides providing service in remedial form, programmes that are run by this section also emphasises on developmental and preventive aspects to help students expand their potential.

Counselling is carried out in a comfortable, safe and non-threatening environment. All discussions with the Counsellor are confidential under the Counselling Act, 1998, and will be kept private.

We are here to:

  • Provide professional service to students who are facing an emotional crisis
  • Provide counselling service to students to overcome their personal problems that can affect their academic performance
  • Provide career counselling to make it easier for students to choose their career and to acquire job search strategies
  • Provide developmental services via activities, seminars, workshops and courses to students who need them

Workshops organised by this unit are free. No payment or participation fee is involved

Office Hours

Mondays - Thursdays: 8.30a.m.- 1.00p.m. & 2.00p.m. - 5.30p.m.
Fridays: 8.30a.m. - 12.15p.m. & 2.45p.m. - 5.30p.m.

Please call +603 7967 3322 or visit the following to make an appointment.
Counselling and Guidance Section,
Level 1, Block D, Perdanasiswa Complex


Interpersonal Self-Management Counselling

This service helps you to understand yourself and the emotional conflicts that can hamper your daily life as a university student. This section also helps students to become more aware of the available alternatives in overcoming conflicts as well as aiding them in building a positive, healthy and meaningful lifestyle.

Academic Counselling

This service assists you in choosing an appropriate course of study that is parallel to your interests and career goals. You will also receive support to attain effective learning skills while enhancing your concentration and motivation as well as improving you time management skills. This service facilitates you in heading towards successful academic achievements.

Career Counselling

This service aids you in career related aspects such as making career choices, career planning, job searching and job interview preparations as well as preparations to face the working world. This service is also aimed at improving students' understanding of their interests, attributes, abilities and skills for appropriate jobs; and learn how to access information regarding jobs, qualifications, rewards and opportunities in a variety of career fields.

Group Counselling

This service helps the members of the group to resolve their worries. Activities are focused on behavioural change, interactive skills development between individuals, decision-making, developing of healthy attributes and attitudes. For example, group support focuses on the preparation and spreading of information via planned group activities.

Resource Room

This service provides reading materials that can be used by students as referencing sources in their efforts to explore a variety of career fields and the working world. This library provides materials related to self development, academic skills and social skills.

Career Exploration Workshop

Upon entering the university, many students still do not have a clear career goal. This workshop gives you an opportunity to explore available career fields and that are in accordance to your interests, attributes, qualifications and personality; on top of that, you attain skills in job finding, interview attending as well as resume strategies.

Academic Skills Workshop

Learning methods in the university require students be effective in planning and self management. Their career in the academic field largely depends on their ability in using an effective studying method and their ability in time and self management. This workshop supports students so that they are skillful in time and self management as well as in learning methods in the university.

PRS (Pembimbing Rakan Siswa) Workshop

Appoint students who are interested and have the potential with the skills in interpersonal counselling to act as effective peer helpers and to assist their fellow peers. As well as cultivating a friendly and cooperative culture to form an encouraging studying environment in the campus.

Student Welfare Fund Scheme (STKP)

This scheme is aimed at helping students who are going through/experiencing/bearing an accident/injury/death/loss due to a natural disaster. The aid provided is in the form of money or tools. Students are required to fill out a form to apply for this service at this section.

E-Counselling on UMSISWeb

E-counselling is one of the services offered to all students. An online counselling service (chatting) between the counsellors of higher learning institutes and students is one initiative in making it easier for students to share their problems directly with the counsellor with ease and speed.

Contact Information

Counselling and Guidance
Level 1, Block D
Perdanasiswa Complex
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
Fax: +603-7956 3512

Mdm. Lizawati Abd. Sane
Senior Psychological Officer
Tel: +603-79673355

Mdm. Vijayah Malar a/p Palanisamy
Psychological Officer
Tel: +603-79673540

Mdm. Nor Nismawati Mokhtar
Psychological Officer
Tel: +603-79673335

Mdm. Maznah Azis
Psychological Officer
Tel: +603-79673342

Mr Surenthiran Pillai
Psychological Officer
Tel: +603-79672091

Last Update: May 24, 2019