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People@UM - Dr. Jasmine Elanie Khairat

People@UM - Dr. Jasmine Elanie Khairat

“I am a microbiology researcher specialising in virology which is the scientific study of viruses. I investigate the interactions between viruses and their host at the cellular level, and we identify how infections by these pathogens cause diseases.

Besides conducting research and fieldwork, I also enjoy teaching and engaging with students keen on studying infectious diseases. I have always been fascinated by viruses, as they are resilient tiny entities about which we know very little.

Viruses have caused multiple outbreaks around the world in the last century. Therefore, we must be vigilant and prepare ourselves for the next pandemic. By understanding our adversaries from within, we are one step closer to devising strategies to fight them effectively.

Viruses are smart, but we need to be smarter.”

Dr. Jasmine Elanie Khairat @drjazmelanie is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science @unimalaya and may be contacted at

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Last Update: Jul 19, 2022