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Universiti Malaya campus has come "alive" with the return of almost all of its students who are attending lectures physically starting yesterday.

Universiti  Malaya has initiated the implementation of physical lectures beginning Semester 2, Academic Session 2021/2022. A total of 11,600 students staying at various Residential Colleges, have returned to campus to attend lectures physically.

Second year student, Faculty of Engineering, Amir Taquiddin Ahmad Iqbal said he was excited to return to campus to attend physical lectures.

“I was able to take the opportunity to meet lecturers and friends, and feel the atmosphere of the lecture physically which is also more conducive. I really hope we can all enjoy the atmosphere of life on campus, while also  continuing to abide by the practices of social distancing and the wearing of face masks, ” he said.

Choong Yiling, third year student from the Faculty of Science, and Thamilselvi Sivakumar, second year student from the Faculty of Law also said they were more focused in terms of learning through physical lectures, and were able to interact with lecturers and peers.

"There is not much difference in terms of lecturers' preparation in facing lectures physically and online, however, interactions in terms of communication, body language and eye contact during physical classes are distinctly closer and friendlier," said Dr. Awang Azman Awang Pawi, Associate Professor, Department of Malay Socio –Culture, Academy of Malay Studies.

“Access for under privileged students is also easier with the availability of lecture rooms and teaching materials.

"Parents also do not have to worry because the lecturers will ensure the safety and health of students during lectures, and at the same time they can enjoy life as students on campus," said Dr Awang.

Last Update: Jun 21, 2022