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Associate Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Strategy) Office

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Associate Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Strategy) Office

The Office of the Associate Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Strategy) provides support to the top management of the university, in realizing university’s vision and mission by defining and ensuring successful implementation of university’s strategic planning, directions and initiatives. The Office oversees these seven offices: Corporate Ranking Centre, Corporate Performance Centre, Corporate Communications Centre, Project Management Centre, Risk and Business Continuity Management Centre, Sustainability Development Centre, Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre.

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Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

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Associate Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Strategy) Office
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Universiti Malaya Sustainability Development Centre (UMSDC)

UMSDC dedicated to leading strategic initiatives and actions aimed at fostering a sustainable, carbon-neutral, and net-zero campus environment. UMSDC providing innovative solutions for a sustainable future, by using UM campus as a space for creative experimentations and the nurturing of sustainable lifestyle and culture.

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Corporate Communications Centre (CCC)

The Corporate Communications Centre (CCC) manages strategic communications to support the University’s efforts in upholding its reputation and image as the foremost and premier Research University (RU) in Malaysia at national as well as global level.

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Corporate Ranking Centre (CRC)

The Corporate Ranking Centre (CRC) is responsible for coordinating, managing, compiling and reporting institutional data to the Ministry of Higher Education, government agencies, QS and Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking systems.

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Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCARES)

UMCares as the hub of UM community engagement activities, representing the university commitment to social responsibility and inclusive development. As a one-stop shop for community engagement initiatives, UMCares supports knowledge transfer, manages collaborative projects, assesses impact, and provides location for involvement with schools and community programs.

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Corporate Performance Centre (CPC)

The Corporate Performance Centre (CPC) is responsible for the performance governance, framework and management of institutional, University Top Management and the academic and non-academic responsibility centres levels as well as individual performance target.

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Risk and Business Continuity Management Department (RBCMD)

The Risk and Business Continuity Management Department (RBCMD) is responsible for managing risk, coordinating the response during the actual crisis, ensuring the continuity of services during a crisis, and recovery plan after the crisis. The office is also responsible to instill awareness among staff about the importance of managing risks and crises.

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Project Management Centre (PMC)

The Project Management Centre (PMC) was established with the aim of facilitating the management and coordination of projects created to meet the objectives of the University of Malaya’s strategic decisions, including the UM Transformation Plan (UMTP), UM Strategic Plan (UMSP), UM Special Projects (UMSpP), UM Health Project (UMHP) and other ongoing projects.

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Last Update: Jun 10, 2024