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Disability Management Services

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Various types of services and accommodations will be provided to the disability students to enable them to be more self-reliant in their learning. The services provided will be appropriate, non-discriminatory and will help students develop and enhance their potentials so that they will be an active member in the university community. The main objective strategic for disability services:

  • Disabled Student Management
    • Admission Process/ Disabled Student Registration in Disabled Student Management Unit
    • Disabled Student’s welfare Advisory Committee UM
    • Disabled Student Management Unit
    • Disability Liaison Officer
    • University of Malaya Inclusive University Policy
    • Inclusive Handbook : Information for students with Disabilities
    • University of Malaya Support Group for Disabled
  • Building  Accessibility  & Campus Environment
    • Accessibility Audit
    • UM Accessibility Map -  Accessibility Map Unversity of Malaya (Google map)
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation
    • Physical Facility
  • Learning & Support
    • Faculty – Teaching & Learning
    • Library - S Laboratory, Carrel
    • Examination - Additional Time, Special Room,  Special Officer, Large print
    • Volunteer Reader / Project Volunteer
    • Assistive Devices
    • Magnifire, Wheelchair , braille, Job Access With Speech (JAWS), Window-Eyes and NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA), Sign Interpreter, large print, embosser, scanner etc.
  • Quality of Life & Career Preparation
    • Disabled Student Development Program
    • Career Path
    • Sport
    • Disabled Student Involvement in campus activity
    • Practical Training by disable student in SKKOKU

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Last Update: Dec 30, 2019